Communication with the underlying transaction manager has failed.

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环境:bx11, bx12 在workgroup 中

app 在domain中

app中使用 TransactionScope对db1, db2 进行访问时抛出异常

The MSDTC transaction manager was unable to pull the transaction from the source transaction manager due to communication problems. Possible causes are: a firewall is present and it doesn't have an exception for the MSDTC process, the two machines cannot find each other by their NetBIOS names, or the support for network transactions is not enabled for one of the two transaction managers. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004D02B)


1. 确保防火墙已针对msdtc添加了例外 Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Firewall\Allowed Programs     Distributed Transaction Coordinator

2. 在Local DTC Properties -> Transaction Manager Communication 设置成No Authentication Required