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  • 我的Surface总是一插上电源就出现MySQL弹窗,而当时根本就没有在进行任何关于MySQL的操作。

网上搜索了一下,从 找到了解决方案

Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools and open Task Scheduler.

In the Task Scheduler navigate to Task Scheduler Library > MySQL and select Installer.

From the list at the center of the window right-click ManifestUpdate and select Disable.

  • 它是用来干什么的呢?

It's keeping the MySQL Product Catalog up to date. As described in the documentation,

This option uses the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule a task named "ManifestUpdate". (this is the scheduled task that is disabled the OS way)

Does someone know the internals and how to prevent it from connecting to a remote server?

  • 也可以通过安装程序禁止它

  1. Start the MySQL installer

  2. Click the wrench image

  1. Uncheck the checkbox to disable automatic updating